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SNEAK PEEK: Behind the scenes of "Center of Command"

Director John Theroux of CTPAK Film Crew is editing my new video "Center of Command" but gave me some great pics from the set. We are so excited to get this out!

My co-star is the incredibly talented Cole Ibach. This was his first acting job and he gave an excellent performance. You might notice a passing similarity between the two of us. Good for you because I just told you so now you have to notice.

Click the pics below and stay tuned for an official release date announcement coming soon! In the mean time, buy tickets or RSVP here or here to the big release show at The Sunset in Ballard on 11/17!

Psych-Folk Yourself: August Shows

We've got a TON of big news to share soon but first and foremost we've got some great shows coming up in August.

On August 7th we'll be headlining a show at LoFi with Gregg Curry & Ragged Glory and Willow Steps. Justin and I will be playing at the Seattle Acoustic Festival on Sunday, August 28th. This is a 3-day event with a bazillion great singer-songwriters. Check out their website and support this awesome festival. 

Why and for What Purpose?

"What are your songs about? What do you make music for? What's your message?"

"Well I...uh...see the...hmmmmm...yeah, see, when a man loves a woman..."

I have been asked these questions a lot over the years. And, unfailingly, I stammer and trip all over myself trying not to look like a fucking moron...which I then fail at on account of all the stammering. I'm not good on the spot. I'm more of an "off the spot" guy, lurking in the shadows of my own omnipresence.

I make music to express my unyielding desire for acceptance, for peace, for an understanding that has, thus far, eluded me.

I have lived most of my life feeling like an outcast of some type. No matter how many people are around me, no matter how many friends I have, I am inhabited by a profound and unwavering solitude. It's a long, dark kind of alone...heavier than my bones, thicker than my blood. It's like a universe occupied by just me. There are many times I'm grateful for it and many times where I wonder if I am just crazy and no one has figured out how to tell me? Either way, I am endlessly preoccupied with my own anxieties and racing thoughts and that creates a barrier (or protective shield, depending on how you look at it) between me and the rest of the world.

Breaking through this cavern of echoes to the rest of the world is a formidable task. Writing music helps me wade beyond the waters of my distorted thinking. It's medicinal, it works just like an anti-depressant. When I go too long without creating, I get clogged up with nervous tension and self loathing. A new melody or a great lyric is like a Xanax for my heart. When I'm on a roll and am writing a lot, I feel like I am successfully fulfilling my purpose in life. 

If I have ever felt the presence of God it has been through song. 

Photo by Tim Basaraba

Photo by Tim Basaraba

Performing is the truest form of connection I know. It's a bridge from the deepest, darkest part of me to you. It's where I'm most honest, no need to hide or pretend. There are no falsities, no stutter steps. I don't care how I look or how it makes you feel when I am singing my heart...we are inexplicably connected. If you want to know me, the stage will unravel every layer of pretense. It's a discovery for us both.

And THAT is why I make music.

Do you make music or some other art? Why? Leave a comment, let's jib-jab.

Saturday - Seattle Acoustic Fest + 2 Other Things

I’m gonna be playing this Saturday at 12:45pm, NOON 45, at Seattle Acoustic Fest hosted by All Pilgrims Christian Church in Seattle. It’s a stacked bill featuring a ton of great songwriters: Saint John and the Revelations, TBASA, Star Anna, Tobias the Owl, Big Sur, Dark Hip Falls, The Beatles…ok, one of those acts isn’t playing but I refuse to say which one. Anyway, this is an easy way to hear a ton of great music: it’s cheap, it’s all day and most importantly, it is QUALITY! Don’t miss this, buy your tickets now to be sure you can get in! More info here or here or here….or HERE.

Last week I played bass for the incomparable Hell Mary on The Spud Goodman Show’s 2nd Anniversary episode. She was great, the show was fun and we were joined by Derek Terran of the thunderous Wind Burial (don’t be a dope, check them out NOW) on drums. Watch the video or listen to the whole podcast here.

Seattle - girl, I need you so bad. TBASA, Hell Mary and I getting ready to depart for the Triple Headed Monster Tour in September. Substation in Seattle will be hosting our send-off show on September 4th. This is also Hell Mary's EP release for her debut "Worship Games". All we need you to do is show up, have a few drinks, buy an EP and/or a t-shirt, shake your sexy ass and get the hell home (safely). This simple act of fun and good times will help us buy gas, food and cheap hotel rooms in our bid to fill the world with love, laughter and our commercial wares. Save the date! September 4th at Substation! RSVP here.

Tonight Never Knows


I'll be joined by Abi Grace, Hell Mary, Champagne Sunday and TBASA at Substation for TBASA's Lo-Fi All-Stars #66! This is a great bill, don't miss this! $6, 8pm, 21+

More Info

The good folks at The Spud Goodman Show put together a very cool video of my new song "Strychnine". Check it out, give a thumbs up, leave a comment and SHARE! Thanks to the TSGS crew!



Possibly the hardest question to answer in all of music history is answered by 550 artists. For the record, I pick John but they both were strongest when they wrote together.

Who do you pick?!

Join the All-Stars June 3rd

TBASA’s Lo-Fi All-Stars, an ongoing series of shows featuring up-and-coming songwriters from around the Northwest, has found a new home at Substation in Seattle. They’re kicking it off in a big way with featured performances by Abi Grace, Hell Mary, Champagne Sunday and me. It’s a great bill and a cheap way to hear new music from some of the area’s best! Click the pic, watch the show trailer and get yourself to Substation on Wednesday, June 3rd.