Ground Control to Patrick Galactic...

“So….are you still like…making music?”

This is an actual quote from a recent conversation I had. It stung at first but in the end, I got it. I’ve played less shows and shared less music this year than any year I can remember.

“So…are you still like…making music?”

I’ve played a couple epic shows with the band and felt the inevitable 3 day high of being accepted by a large crowd.


Oh right, that. The answer? Yes. Lots. Last year I decided that the Patrick Galactic I’d shown the world had run its course and I wanted to branch out, creatively. Remember that whole “It’s the end of an era” tagline that I threw around a lot? There was a reason.

I’ve spent the last 8 months recording relentlessly, making a beautiful video with my ace, John Theroux, and before the year is over, you’ll be hearing a lot of it! I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast of musicians on my next EP and I am so excited to show it to you. Almost excited enough to…no. Not yet. But soon.

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Till then here’s a picture of my dog, who has been endlessly bored watching me make this shit. Give it up for Luna everyone. She’s the real hero here

Luna the super mutt

Luna the super mutt

Cover photo by Tony Hammons