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ANOTHER artist asking for money? Well....yes.

ANOTHER artist asking for money? Well....yes.

I’ve started an account over at Patreon and am really excited to share it with you. So excited in fact, that my Patrons can listen to my next single RIGHT NOW before it’s even finished. I’ve carefully considered the questions you may have about this and have answers.

SNEAK PEEK: Behind the scenes of "Center of Command"

Director John Theroux of CTPAK Film Crew is editing my new video "Center of Command" but gave me some great pics from the set. We are so excited to get this out!

My co-star is the incredibly talented Cole Ibach. This was his first acting job and he gave an excellent performance. You might notice a passing similarity between the two of us. Good for you because I just told you so now you have to notice.

Click the pics below and stay tuned for an official release date announcement coming soon! In the mean time, buy tickets or RSVP here or here to the big release show at The Sunset in Ballard on 11/17!

New EP, New Video, Big Release Show

Cover art by Logan Rohrkemper

My debut solo EP "Running from the Sun" will be available on all streaming services and Bandcamp on Friday, December 2nd. 

If you've followed my music over the years, you've heard it take on different forms. This album represents a new way to hear my songs and I am proud to finally share it with you. It is atmospheric, haunting and very easy to sing along to. If you are a fan of Death By Stars or my solo stuff, you'll dig it! 

I put my whole heart in to this. I think it's the best thing I've ever done. If you want to hear it REALLY early...sign up for my mailing list and stand by.....


I filmed my first video this weekend. Directed by CTPAK Film Crew's John Theroux, "Center of Command" tells a surreal and cerebral tale. Have you ever stalked yourself through a playground? Have you ever had your ass kicked by your inner child?  I have.

The video will drop in mid-November but if you sign up for my mailing list, my sources tell me you can probably see it early.


Ok, so you don't want to sign up for the mailing list but want to hear the album early anyway?! FINE! How about you get your ass to The Sunset in Ballard on Thursday, November 17th and see a RAD show and buy a CD or a cassette copy (or both) of "Running from the Sun" two weeks before it comes out?! Ya happy now?! 

Seriously, I am so excited for this show. Among Authors, who just released an excellent album of their own and A Breakthrough in Field Studies, who are releasing a new album this month, will be joining us. 

I'll have brand new shirts and stickers for sale as well.

Music starts at 9pm, 21+, $8 at the door. Get tickets now!

Or let's say you wanted to go to the show for FREE, get a copy of the CD for FREE and a FREE shirt and sticker? 

There is an answer....

Sign up for my mailing list before 10/15 and you will get your chance!  

New Single "Has to be Hard" - Free on SOUNDCLOUD


Don't give up on your dreams

Because when they're gone

You'll lose them forever


Love is not what it seems

It Has to be Hard

To keep it together


In love....

Love was all that I could give

In love....

Is all I can be

Do you ever drive to work, hastily swiping through Spotify or iTunes Music or Tidal or (insert your preferred streaming music service here) to pick something on your phone to listen to and then stumble across a recording you made 2 years ago of a song you wrote 8 years ago, realize that you really like it and then release it for free on Soundcloud...?! Well I did.

This song, "Has to be Hard" was written a long time ago when I was a completely different person living a totally different life. Over the last 3 years my existence has been one of unrelenting change, reformation and rebirth. The end results have been good. The process has been excruciating. 

Along the path of these many existential crises, my faith in the choices I've made has been tested. Have all my righteous rebellions really been worth the price I've paid for them? Is the reality I've manifested the one I really wanted? Does everything really have to be this hard?

"Has to be Hard" is a simple lullaby with a very direct message. Don't give up. Don't lose yourself in your circumstances. It's cliche. It's not subtle. It's not particularly clever. That's ok. I've realized that there are times when things should be said as plainly and directly as possible.

A friend of mine called this song Beatles-esque and I get that. But I wrote this with Harry Nilsson in mind. If you haven't had the privilege of digesting Nilsson's catalog, he was the master of American art pop and a genuine treasure. I guarantee you've heard some of his stuff (perhaps this or this or this) but there is so much more to explore, I highly recommend it. 

I believe in the power of art. Over my life, songs with the right message at the right time have changed my whole way of thinking. "Has to be Hard" is free to download on Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy it.



The Soundtrack to Your Tears

Welcome to me. I’m Patrick Galactic. I’m a songwriter, performer, recording artist, radio co-host and now a blogger. So…fuck yeah! Since this is my introductory post I thought it would be cool to talk about my songs and my artistic philosophy a little bit.

I’m a singer-songwriter but not in the conventional sense. I wouldn’t call what I do folk. I’ve been called Indie, Americana, Psych Pop, Cool Guy (by my mom) etc. but those are just aesthetics. At the end of the day a song, no matter what genre it’s in, is just chord structures and melodies (unless it’s instrumental or classical buuut…no).

So with that, here is my fanatical songwriting ideology….

A single note, well-placed, can destroy an army of perfectly-plucked guitar solos. I like less. There is a power to being understated. Songs need to breathe. I like songs with great melodies that don’t get too repetitive. Commercial music today seems to fill every bit of sonic space with layers of sound, choruses repeat until they are brainlessly memorable. To me that seems like...catchiness at gunpoint. If I hear a bass part or a vocal hook I like, I can always just listen to it again, right?

Lyrics. I like ‘em. I try to give each set of lyrics their due. A lot of people don’t give a shit, they want a beat or just want to lose themselves in the vibe and that’s cool too. I will spend days, weeks, sometimes months trying to get them just right. I don’t expect people to understand exactly what I’m talking about, I focus on creating a scene and hope the listener can find a meaning for themselves in it.

I love sad songs. I write sad songs…only. I do this so that I don’t have to be a sad person. Duality exists in everyone and my art is reserved for my darkness. So if you wanna dance or listen to something that will get you smiling and loving life, you should probably close this right now and move on. If you love ironic, snarky odes to pop culture, GET OUT. I write heady sad jams with lots of atmosphere. If you wanna hear the inside of my mind, drink yourself to sleep or just need a soundtrack to your tears…you are in EXACTLY the right place.

So that’s me. Who are you? What kinda music do you love to love?! Leave me a comment, let’s talk art and feel important.