Patrick Galactic For President

Triple Headed Tour Merch

Already tired of the droning-yuppie-freakshow that is the United States presidential campaign? Are you exhausted listening to the well-heeled, morally bankrupt professional television personalities we call public servants shouting over each other about how qualified they are to rule you? 

My name is Patrick Galactic and I am an extremely unqualified, unprepared and undeserving candidate to be YOUR next President of these United States. My only campaign promise is to make music and look damn good doing it! 

If you live in Seattle, Portland, Arcata, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix or Jamestown then you have been blessed with the once-in-a-tour opportunity to pick up this limited edition t-shirt designed by Jim Nadorozny of Superbeast!

If you live outside of these cities and would like a shirt, hit me up at for cost and availability.