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What is Patrick Galactic's Lo-Fi All-Stars?

Short Answer: It’s this Sunday at High Dive! Get tickets now ($6)

Long Answer: Patrick Galactic’s Lo-Fi All-Stars is a series I curate at the High Dive on the first Sunday of every month. It is a celebration of song in its most minute form. I find three amazing songwriters and let them share their music, most often with just a guitar or piano to accompany them.


Great songs come through no matter how they are played. It’s fun to strip things down and hear the raw emotional center of an excellently-crafted song. Sometimes I hear a band that I love and wonder what they would sound like stripped down. So I have them play an acoustic set, sometimes just the lead singer, sometimes the whole band. You still with me?

If you are a singer-songwriter who’d like to be part of a future show, come out Sunday and chat with me. These shows can only happen if our music community supports them. We need you. You need gigs.

This Sunday at High Dive, I’ve selected three very different artists who all share common threads.

Patrick Galactic’s Lo-Fi All-Stars. From L-R: Freman, Kelly Fleek of The Spider Ferns, Immensity Crumb

Patrick Galactic’s Lo-Fi All-Stars. From L-R: Freman, Kelly Fleek of The Spider Ferns, Immensity Crumb

Freman is multi-instrumentalist and musical line-stepper Lauren Freman. She's a singer-songwriter hell-bent on blurring the lines between high and low art. She’s opening the night at 8pm and is someone you don’t want to miss.

Kelly Fleek of The Spider Ferns performs a rare solo set, featuring stripped down arrangements of TSF's electro pop and rare gems that are only shared on nights like these.

Immensity Crumb is the new project of Clearly Beloved brains Brenden and Jennifer Smith. Beautiful, strange, delightful...a very grandiose, small thing.

Join me in The Tower of Song (The High Dive, just so we’re clear) and drink in the intimate and evocative energy of this amazing group of songwriters.

New EP, New Video, Big Release Show

Cover art by Logan Rohrkemper

My debut solo EP "Running from the Sun" will be available on all streaming services and Bandcamp on Friday, December 2nd. 

If you've followed my music over the years, you've heard it take on different forms. This album represents a new way to hear my songs and I am proud to finally share it with you. It is atmospheric, haunting and very easy to sing along to. If you are a fan of Death By Stars or my solo stuff, you'll dig it! 

I put my whole heart in to this. I think it's the best thing I've ever done. If you want to hear it REALLY early...sign up for my mailing list and stand by.....


I filmed my first video this weekend. Directed by CTPAK Film Crew's John Theroux, "Center of Command" tells a surreal and cerebral tale. Have you ever stalked yourself through a playground? Have you ever had your ass kicked by your inner child?  I have.

The video will drop in mid-November but if you sign up for my mailing list, my sources tell me you can probably see it early.


Ok, so you don't want to sign up for the mailing list but want to hear the album early anyway?! FINE! How about you get your ass to The Sunset in Ballard on Thursday, November 17th and see a RAD show and buy a CD or a cassette copy (or both) of "Running from the Sun" two weeks before it comes out?! Ya happy now?! 

Seriously, I am so excited for this show. Among Authors, who just released an excellent album of their own and A Breakthrough in Field Studies, who are releasing a new album this month, will be joining us. 

I'll have brand new shirts and stickers for sale as well.

Music starts at 9pm, 21+, $8 at the door. Get tickets now!

Or let's say you wanted to go to the show for FREE, get a copy of the CD for FREE and a FREE shirt and sticker? 

There is an answer....

Sign up for my mailing list before 10/15 and you will get your chance!  

Tonight at The Valley with Hero Jr.

Justin and I will be kicking out the Psych Folk tonight at The Valley in Tacoma with Hero Jr. (ballsy rock) and Luke and the Boys (indie, punk). Both these bands are on tour so come check 'em out before they head out of town.

Poster by Peter Tietjen

Poster by Peter Tietjen

Reawakening the Beast

Photo by Tim Basaraba

Photo by Tim Basaraba

There is a part of me that has always been  a stranger…a shadow…a passenger that sees with my eyes and feels with my skin and crawls through the echoes of my mind. It’s angry. It’s desperate. It’s heartbroken and distrustful. It feeds on the validation of performance and it hates me for needing it. It is a monstrosity of ego, aggression, and rebellion…and I’ve missed it terribly for a long time.

I spent my whole life in bands until last year. When Death By Stars broke up it felt like something inside of me broke too. I dedicated my life to sharing my creative abstractions with a select group of people I could trust. It hurt to let it go and I refused to get hurt again. I didn’t want to leave myself at the mercy of anyone. I was mad and when I'm mad I'm stubborn. Fuck’em all! I decided to do music completely alone, for once.

And I did. Learning to be a solo performer, standing on stage with nothing but my guitar, my voice and my stupid glasses, has been a profound and powerful experience. Having a bad night? No drums or bass or keyboards to hide behind. It’s just you and everyone around you. I had to hold myself to a higher standard and deliver the goods each and every time. I gained a new respect for my craft.

BIG BLDG BASH 2014, Photo by James Toohey for

BIG BLDG BASH 2014, Photo by James Toohey for

But this guy was still lurking inside and screaming to be let out.


I love playing acoustic shows. I'll always play acoustic shows. But there is something intangibly different about a band with a beat. 

When the stage is shared, there is more room to breathe. With more instrumentation it's easier to set a scene. And once the scene is set, the actors know how to inhabit their characters. 

A few weeks back I performed at's #41for2015Fest with my friend and fantastic drummer, Justin Pascua. We had rehearsed for a while and felt good about our work but I think we were both a little nervous about bringing the songs to life on stage.

When the moment came and the music started, worries didn't matter. I gave in completely. The world I inhabited minutes before was a distant, unneeded distraction. I felt myself surrender. My thoughts wandered until they disappeared entirely. The pulse of the beat hypnotized me until I had achieved a focus, a command of my presence that felt both familiar and brand new. The personification of ego and aggression that I wasn't sure existed anymore was alive and well.

There are moments in life where the truth becomes evident beyond all doubt.  

#41for2015Fest with Justin Pascua, photo by Marcus Klotz

#41for2015Fest with Justin Pascua, photo by Marcus Klotz

Tomorrow, November 7th, for the first time I will take the stage with Justin Pascua on drums and Brenden Smith of Clearly Beloved on viola.

This is also the launch of the soundtrack for CJ Kinton's forthcoming book, "Edge - The Novel". I recorded a duet with Hell Mary, "Look Through the Window" that is featured on the album and will performed live for the first time!  Show details below.

Soundtrack release party for "Edge - The Novel", Saturday, Nov. 07

ALL AGES till 10pm! $8, Doors at 6pm, music start at 7:00pm

Skylark Cafe - 3803 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

More Info

Tonight Never Knows


I'll be joined by Abi Grace, Hell Mary, Champagne Sunday and TBASA at Substation for TBASA's Lo-Fi All-Stars #66! This is a great bill, don't miss this! $6, 8pm, 21+

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The good folks at The Spud Goodman Show put together a very cool video of my new song "Strychnine". Check it out, give a thumbs up, leave a comment and SHARE! Thanks to the TSGS crew!



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