2018: Thank yous and F*ck Its


A Few More Thanks

Thanks to my fiancee and our daughter for believing in my big dumb awesome dream and for listening to the same mixes over and over again while pretending that they hear something different each time.

Thanks to my Hel Mary fam for a great year of shows and an EP that I’m very proud of. Extra special thanks to Tim Basaraba for pondering the cosmos with me and then making fun of it all with me.

Thanks to Kelly Fleek and my crew over at Lo Flux Media for providing free therapy and helping me get my sad music in front of happier people.

Thanks to Drew Murray for talking on the phone and smoking with me long distance as we continue a conversation we started more than 6 years ago about what we want to do in the music industry.

F*ck Its

Things I don’t like that refuse to stop existing so I hate on them until I die.