"She Lives on the Astral Plane" out November 2nd

She Lives on the Astral Plane by Patrick Galactic

My next single “She Lives on the Astral Plane” drops on all digital outlets Friday, November 2nd.

This song is the product of a year-long collaboration with Richie Nelson of Richie Dagger’s Crime and Andy Ayers of Black Giraffe. The world we created in this track is whimsical, foreboding and unequivocally beautiful.

This song is intensely personal. It is about trauma and the hell of hiding painful secrets.

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“She Lives on the Astral Plane” video by Patrick Galactic

In addition to the song, John Theroux of Blazinspace returned to film and direct the video for “She Lives on the Astral Plane”. Minna Lee of Anime Creek stars as a young woman lost between worlds and realities. There really isn’t much I can tell you that would do the video justice. Just rest assured, it is surreal, haunting, and gorgeous. Stay tuned for a premiere date.

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