What It Is and What It Ain't

As 2016 has done it’s damnedest to destroy human dignity and crush our collective spirit, I have been filled with things to say that, up until now, I haven’t. It’s far easier to keep quiet and focus on yourself and your endeavors when society is boiling over with conflict.

It’s also cowardly.

So I am going to get it all out now.

If you count yourself as a fan, supporter, or friend of mine, I want you to know that:

If you embrace racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, or some other phobic/ist ideology I have failed to list that grants you the moral imperative to suppress the rights of other people for simply existing, I don’t need your support.

If you believe a woman’s worth is defined by the shape of her body or her willingness to smile at your request, I don’t need your support.

If sexual assault against anyone is an act you are willing to trivialize or counter-define to justify your disastrous inability to empathize with the trauma of another human being, I don’t need your support.

I respect any belief (political, religious or otherwise) that allows for the dignity of all others. 

As I promote my music and invite more people to hear my work, the fairest thing I can do is be honest about where it comes from (and where it doesn’t).