All the Time. All the Way.

There is no reason at all to be anything less than your boldest, truest self. 

People along the way will disapprove. They will tell you what they want for you, what they think you should do. They are wrong.

As far as anyone knows we get one life. Don’t waste your time measuring yourself against your parents or your friends or your rivals. Don’t waste your youth trying to fit in to the expectations of others.

You are the only person who will ever have to live your life. You are the only one who has to be satisfied with your choices. You are the only one who will live with the “what ifs” and the repercussions and the regrets.

Be bold, be stupid, be hard-headed, make mistakes, blow shit up, rebuild and be stronger. If you learn from your mistakes, they are worth more than gold.

Everyone is afraid to fuck up. Fear is your friend. Fear is the ground floor to the glass ceiling of your life. You smash through one level and you start again with a whole new set of fears. Fear helps you know yourself.

The world is full of people with quick answers and strong opinions. But no one knows who you are better than you do.

Be you. All the time. All the way.